Yearly Financial Summary

This service forms part of your yearly fee to complete your business tax returns.

We provide in Chart Form, the performance of your business key financial indicators over a number of years. The key performance indicators, normally include:

    Gross Income
    Gross Profit
    Gross Profit Percentage
    Top Six Overheads
    Owner’s Profit
    Owner’s Profit Percentage

Comparison is made to industry benchmarks where relevant.

Our firm, a number of years ago, undertook a research study into the Owner’s Profit Percentage in a number of similar industries. We found that most small business’s fall into three distinct categories:

    Retail (Owner’s Profit of between 10 to 15%)
    Trades and Manufacturing (Owner’s Profit of between 20 to 30%)
    Service and Professionals (Owner’s Profit of between 30% and 50%)