JAG Systems Pty Ltd

Is David Chambers more than a Tax Accountant? He sure is. JAG Systems relationship with David goes back several years from a time when we were both members of the Blacktown BEC committee.

I needed a new accountant, one that actually cared about his customers and also knew what was involved in running a small business. This wasn’t about bookkeeping but more about the interrelationship between what I needed my business to do and how we could manage the tax implications and cash flow management.

And it works. David has the smarts to guide me with pre-assessing the normal end-of-financial-year blues but also has trained me to be much more aware of where my business is financially placed. Similarly David has gleaned from me that you can’t run a business purely on money terms and that your customers are critical. It’s what I would call an excellent partnership.

Will David continue to be my accountant of choice? Absolutely!

Glenn Alderton, Director