Growing Your Business

The consulting arm of the business is focused on improving the profits of small businesses that are growing. Often businesses that are going through growing pains finds their business systems are not coping with the business growth.

Our methods help your business to work smarter and not harder. They include the following services:

1: Improving Your Profits – Improving Your Business Systems

We focus on improving your profits and business systems in two key areas:

  • Increasing Your Average Rate Per Hour;
  • Increasing the Number of Hours Spent on Producing Income (“Productivity”)

The main scarce resource for most businesses is the number of hours. We assist you to develop measurement and monitoring systems, which will help you to
improve the productive capacity of your business and hence, its profits for minimal additional outlay.

This service mainly applies to businesses who charge directly or indirectly for their time and applies predominantly to service businesses such as architects, plumbers, electricians, lawyers, and business consultants.

Information Sheets

We enclose two information sheets that will assist you in understanding how this profit improvement program works:

2: “Real-Time” Analysis of Your Financial Results

We can regularly review your financial results throughout the year. This can be done on a basis to suit your budget and requirements:

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly

Providing this information on a regular basis provides “real time” advice to improve the financial performance of your business. Implementing profit improvements on a timely basis can save your business thousands of dollars.

We can normally customize a relevant profit improvement program to meet both your business needs and your financial budget. Give us a call to discuss.